There are some tips on wearing lace front wigs

· Regularly moisturize your hair underneath the wig to keep your hair from drying out.

· If you have sewn down or glued the lace front don’t go more that six weeks max wearing it. Your hair needs to breathe and take a break.

· Using a foundation that matches your skin tone on the underside of the lace front wig helps to blend the knots and look more natural. (this is a great alternative to bleaching the knots on the human hair lace fronts)

· If your lace front wig is made of synthetic hair be careful when washing not to scratch/rough up the hair - this can cause tangling and frizzing. instead let the wig sit in a container of warm water and shampoo for 15 minutes and gently swish the unit in the water.

· Tangles at the nape of your wig are normal. The friction of the hair brushing against your clothing causes it to tangle. Apply a little hair oil to your fingers and run it through the hair at the nape to help you when detangling.

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