Human Hair Wig

13*4 Short Bob Curly Hair Lace Front Wig

Human hair wigs typically offer the most natural look and feel because they are made from real human hair. There is nothing exactly like the feel, weight, and movement of a good quality 100% human virgin hair wig. Real hair wigs are soft, shiny, and fundamentally different from artificial hair.

Synthetic Hair Wig

A synthetic hair wig is made of plastic fibers, usually a type of nylon. The shape of synthetic fiber (curly, straight, etc) is manufactured into the wig style at the factory through a ‘baking’ process. You cannot color the hair and it can’t be restyled easily.

Human Hair Wig VS Synthetic Hair Wig

Human hair is usually more expensive because it gives you the natural look of softness, shine, and natural movement that you would expect from real hair. Virgin Human hair wigs can be colored, permed and styled just like your own hair. You can go to an experienced hairstylist for a haircut. With proper care, human hair wigs can last six months or more. A human hair wig can last significantly longer than a synthetic hair wig.

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic materials. Synthetic wigs can be restored without being groomed. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed or changed. Synthetic wigs were much cheaper than human hair, because of different materials and techniques