Many of these habits are actually very simple and can help you quickly see positive results and healthier, more shiny hair. New year, new hairstyle? We think so! Follow up on the 3 New Year's resolutions we are most likely to achieve and make your hair look new this year.

 Use natural products to care for hair

If you use a shampoo containing silicon to wash your hair, you will often feel that the hair is very smooth but greasy, but the natural shampoo will feel awkward after washing, but it will feel very clean. It is very fluffy because the hair follicles are cleaned and there is no residue. Many people will have a sticky feeling due to the secretion of scalp oil and the residue of silica spirit, which will cause the roots to grow from 5cm to 10cm. Natural products do not have this feeling, so it is also a good choice.

Maybe you can choose some new products with natural ingredients, or just choose a more natural DIY mask. Avocado, honey, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are very good for hair.

 Eat food that helps the hair

Shampoo and hair care is very important to keep the hair bright and shiny, while eating food is to maintain the hair from the inside out. Since your hair is made of protein, focus on protein and iron-rich foods such as eggs, fish, meat and nuts to increase hair strength and growth. Another area of concern is vitamin-rich foods. Carrots, squash and sweet potatoes have high levels of vitamin A, while broccoli, strawberries and oranges are rich in vitamin C. Try to limit the intake of refined sugars and processed foods in the new year, while choosing to be rich in vitamins and nutrients .

 Enjoy weekly hair care

We are always told to spend some time indulging in weekly hair care, but sometimes it's easier said than done! Grab this New Year's opportunity to return to this habit and indulge in some new hair care, this deep moisturizing treatment will definitely bring moisture and strength to your hair, is a soothing treatment experience, we recommend weekly Use a treatment and leave the treatment on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes after shampooing after showering.