Important Human Hair Wig Tip

Another thing to keep in mind when using heat to style your human hair wig is not getting the heat too close to the base of the wig, even while using a heat protestant still use caution.

Applying too much heat to the base of your wig can cause shedding and hair strands to loosen from the wefts. Keep this in mind especially if your human hair wig was created using glue versus thread.

Knowing the origin of your human hair wig is necessary, not just for shampooing and conditioning, but also when it comes to the style that will work best.

Various types of hair work best for styling while damp and have the potential to last longer when you are not using heat. I recently styled my human hair wig which is Brazilian in the style of body wave into two French braids after spraying some water, and you wouldn’t believe how well it waved up and lasted for a week without any additional care or maintenance.

Cheers, to heat freestyling!