Sleeping with Your Wig!

“Can I sleep in my wig?” is the most common question I get when it comes to wearing a wig.

Can you actually sleep with your human hair wig on? My answer is, of course, you can!

However, most people have the concern of causing more wear to your wig by sleeping in it, and most people prefer to be comfortable with the ability to let their scalp breathe.

Personally, I prefer wearing my wig to bed because I do not have to apply additional adhesive for it to stay in place daily. If you are looking to wear your wig as you rest easy during the night, there are a few items I advise you to invest in ensuring you keep your wig looking fresh and free from wear.

First, grab a satin pillowcase.

Second, secure your wig with either a satin bonnet and/or a silk scarf.

The grand theory behind these items and using them simultaneously is if your scarf or bonnet were to come off during the night, your satin pillowcase would be there to save the day.