Condition Your Wig!

I literally cannot express how important this is to the health and care of your wig!

Conditioning helps maintain your wig’s ability to be managed, to be free of tangles and to be free from looking raggedy.

When are you suppose to condition you ask? Immediately after a good thorough shampoo.

While the hair is still wet, add a quarter size of conditioner, preferably something containing a fatty oil to help with the shine and softness of your wigs like coconut oil or argan oil, to the palm of your hand working it through your wig with your fingers.

Personally, I like to get down and dirty with this part because I have a theory that the more, the better. You’ll catch me applying about four quarter sizes of conditioner and doing magic with my fingers because I love soft, luminous hair!

Once you’ve used the conditioner, allow it to sit at least 5-10 minutes and most importantly, rinse with cold water. Rinsing with cold water allows the hair cuticles to close, locking in all the goodies the conditioner provides.

This whole process is always easiest while the wig is on a canvas or Styrofoam head. It never hurts to do an in-depth treatment now and then, but I believe it’s important to determine what kind of hair therapy will work best with your human hair wig based on the origin type such as Brazilian, Malaysian, or Vietnamese.