How to create a curly shape

        From Beyoncé to Rihanna, everyone is wearing gorgeous curly hair, it's time to roll your hair. See how Vogue teaches you how to make your own curling fool tutorial at home. Want to curl your hair? Vogue takes you with experts to discuss how to get curls at home.

        Curls have a place in the world of hair style. From Beyoncé's wave-head curls to Blake Lively's cool girl-like messy curls, it's clear that ripples are the top agenda for the fall/winter 2018 hairstyle.

        However, the reality is that doing these shapes can be challenging without the help of a stylist. The result of trying to roll the hair at home is often not the barrel curl that burns out the monarchy, burns the hair, or even burns the ears.

         Here, we discuss with experts how to successfully get the curls...

Ready to work

         According to John Frieda's UK creative director, Luke Hersheson, the key to achieving perfect curl at home is to get ready. “Before curling your hair, first make sure you have a smooth, supple base,” he explained. “I always recommend the use of serum, especially if your hair is slightly thicker or more fragile. When your hair is still moist, apply it to the roots, mainly in the hair. A little bit. I always have JohnFrieda Frizz Ease Original 6 in my kit."

         If your hair is very thin, you may need to make some extra hair before modeling. “Use a lotion or thickening spray to push your hair roots to create a feeling of natural plumpness,” Hersheson suggests.

Further enhance the effect

          If you want to curl your hair on natural textures, Syd Hayes, the UK Babyliss spokesperson, recommends sticking to creamy and creamy textures. “I found that the mousse was a bit too thick when curling.” Hayes used a mixture of Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm, £21, and Evo Head Mistress Cuticle Sealer, and then dried with a hood blower to get a natural curl. “The secret is to blow your fingers around your hair,” he said.

Choose the right tool

        When curling at home, not all curlers are the same. Different models and sizes can lead to different effects, so choose the right curling stick wisely.

        “The smaller the curling iron, the tighter your curly hair,” Hersheson explained. So to make small wavy curls, you have to choose an ultra-thin hair stick. To make a large and elastic wave, you need a big curling iron. Hershesons Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong, 2.5 cm in diameter, is ideal for making unkempt curls and waves.

          If you want a supernatural effect, Hayes recommends using twice as many curling sticks. “Use different sizes of hair rods to make natural curls,” he suggested.


“Finally, don't forget to use hairspray to shape, don't spray too much, and keep the shape of the curls,” Hersheson said. "Put down your head comb, comb your hair and make your hair fluffy and sculpt."