Styling Your Wig

The tools are endless when it comes to the desired style you want to slay in your wig.

It is essential to remember and follow certain techniques when it comes to using these tools and styling. I believe for any type of hair that heatless is the healthy way to go but sometimes less efficient and effective. Sometimes you need that little hit of heat when you’re on the go and to have more control of the way you want your style to go.

Looking for big voluminous curls? Say no more and grab some large flexi rods to get the job done.

Need that bone straight look? Turn up the heat, but not too high, on your favorite pair of straighteners.

To maintain that healthy look when using any styling tool, especially heat, you can never go wrong with applying a protectant. Before applying this product and using any tool, please make sure your hair is dry!

The worst two things can happen when and if your hair is not dry and using heated tools is: the desired style will not last and most likely won’t be retained well and just simply damages the hair. It’s always great to use products that are very lightweight and tailored for human hair wigs