Affordable&Romantic Lace Virgin Hair Wig for Valentine's day-Elvahairwigs

In this post, we've compiled 4 of our favorite hairstyles you can rock on Valentine's day. Scroll down for video tutorials on how to recreate these beautiful and romantic yet easy hairstyles!

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles that Older Girls Will Love

A:This Perfect deep part and french wave hairstyle from Elvahairwigs is so beautiful.  All of that parting and braiding means more time, but it’s not too difficult to do – especially if you already have French wavy down.


B:Create a ponytail. 

Using the hair from the inside of the heart, tie off a ponytail top and the bottom, leaving the rest of your hair free.

Seriously... a heart in your hair for Valentine's day? How perfect is this? This hairstyle is super unique and creative. Give it a try! Girls would wear her clip-in Elvahairwigs extensions to add that gorgeous balayage dimension in the hair. 


C:full lace 613 Straight hair 

This is a Glamours and adorable style to try on medium to long hair. Make a center part and leave the hair loose. 

A sleek long Straight #613 hair is always in fashion and you can certainly boost your glam quotient on such a special day by wearing it with confidence. 

 D:Nothing screams "romance" like a mixture color hairstyle. The blend of warm and black tones is a fun way to interpret the holiday without going full-on red or pink.